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Welcome to the Universal Pantheist Society Network

Welcome to Universal Pantheist Society's online Network.  The Universal Pantheist Society has provided a network for Pantheists since 1975, and today offers this robust electronic platform.

In Universal Pantheism, there is no creed or any requirements to follow any particular belief or practices; rather we seek to provide ways for individuals to promote their own spiritual growth and understanding. Our goal is to provide Pantheism with a unified presence -- bringing Pantheists of all varieties together to share in our commonality while providing a continually growing source of information and inspiration.

If you enjoy this site, please donate to help fund our web presence, or consider joining the Universal Pantheist Society. Learn more about us on our Home Page.

2014 Pantheist Holidays eBook Now Available!

This ebook identifies over 100 special events neglected by regular calendars, including the solstices and equinoxes, commemorations of natural events, international celebrations, and an extensive listing of "Pantheist Prophets" ranging from Spinoza to Wordsworth to Thoreau to Muir. Find out the difference between the solstice and the thermstice, the equinox and the equitherm. Find out why Ansel Adams was a pantheist, and what Joseph Wood Krutch had in common with Henry David Thoreau

and William Wordsworth. For nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, philosophers, and anyone seeking a more meaningful connection with special events during the year. This ebook is a companion to the  "Pantheist holidays” identified in our 2014 photo wall calendar, “Celebrating Earth’s Creatures,” but is useful whether or not you obtain the wall calendar.

Buy kindle edition on amazon.com, or in PDF or epub format for Android/

iPhone/iPad/Nook/PC/Mac at www.lulu.com/spotlight/pansociety.

2014 Celebrating Earth’s Creatures Calendar Now Available 


In recognition of the one hundredth anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon, the 2014 Universal Pantheist Society "Honoring Earth Creatures" Calendar honors the animals that share our planet. 

This calendar also designates over 100 special "holidays" forgotten by regular calendars, including the solstices and equinoxes, thermstices and equinoxes, perihelion and aphelion, and other natural events. Special global celebrations honoring wildlife and the Earth are included.  Finally, we offer an extensive listing of "Pantheist Prophets," including literary figures, philosophers, and activists.  Price: $13.49

See preview below. To purchase, go to Lulu.com and search for 2014 Universal Pantheist Society Celebrating Earth's Creatures Calendar (ID #13476909).

Or use this direct link:


For the companion ebook with detailed descriptions for each date featured on the calendar, you can download either a PDF or a ePub edition:



ePub (for iPad, iPhone, Macs, & Nook): 


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